About Me and the Blog

About the Blog:

This blog, much like myself, will be going through a new period of growth and renewal. Since I am no longer in University, I want to shift the focus of the blog to be on things that I am working on currently and super passionate  about. I want to provide my community and followers with interesting content about the following topics.

– Health 

– Wealth 

– Happiness 

– Leadership 

Also, I have declared 2014 the Year of MORE! So here are some more things I will be focusing on in the renewed blog 🙂

– More FUN!

– More Fitness!

– More Finances!

– More Focus! 

– More Freedom!


It is a great feeling to give back to your community, but it is also possible to give back by simply living in your community.

What does it mean to truly live in your community? I think it means that you buy groceries from smaller stores with locally sourced products. I think it means supporting the smaller clothing stores that are owned by locals. I think it means actually going to city council meetings or city festivals. I think it means volunteering hyper-locally. Living local should not just mean that you get your food from a co-op; it should mean you have a presence in your community.

The Truckee River at Wingfield Park, Reno

The Truckee River at Wingfield Park, Reno

About Lucy:

Legally Lucile, I have always been and will always be Lucy.

I am recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno where I majored in journalism (emphasis in public relations) with minors in business administration and entrepreneurship. I have my own distributorship with the Juice Plus+ Company, and thanks to its success, I have graduated college without a cent of debt, I can be a “ski bum” with passive income, and I can use my talents and abilities to “grow wealth through better health”. My plan for the future is to build my own business enough to buy a one-way ticket and spread the Juice Plus word while jet setting the world.

 Fresh air is necessary to my well-being and I am what some would call a closet thrill-seeker. I get stir-crazy if I am in an area too long, so I travel a lot. I have no idea where I am going in my life, but I know that wonderful things are on the horizon. Join me in my journey!

Hiking in Canada, my other home

Hiking in Canada, my other home

Values you can expect from me:

I promise to –

Bring Light to all I do

Act with Integrity

Express Empathy

Be Bold

Listen Emphatically

Make others Laugh

Yours Locally,

Lucy Hunt


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