The Big Leap – First Post!


I did it. I took the leap across the world to find a new adventure. With no debt, leases, or job holding me in one spot, it would have been silly to stay in Reno at this time. Although I already miss the mountains, my people and the cheap nights out, I know I can come back to most of that soon. I’m here with a spirit of “everything that happens to me is the best thing that can happen to me” and it’s been a pretty good guiding force so far.

Saying goodbye was so hard but I can’t admit that to anyone completely. I think I was supposed to be more excited than I was to leave, but I had such a great time getting him all to myself for a few days it was impossible to think of leaving that for so long. It will be fine, everything will always be fine.

I have almost two weeks under my belt so I figured it was time to write. It’s almost like I’m experiencing every emotion all at once – I never know how to actually feel. I find myself constantly shouting, “Ah! It’s so beautiful” one moment and then thinking in my head, “What the hell am I doing here?” the next. I’m so excited and overwhelmed at the same time.

Border Control didn’t like my reasons for entering the UK, but I guess didn’t do a great job explaining why I was here. Maybe everyone was right when they told me I should have a better plan for the trip? Obviously I want to expand my business (licensed in the USA), build a huge network, see all I can see, grow, learn, eat, laugh and cry – the usual stuff, but that wasn’t good enough for them! After being detained for a bit, they pulled me aside and said, “People usually see a place and do what you’re doing for a few weeks, not for a six months. If we catch you working under the laws of the UK we’ll make sure you never step foot here again.” Noted.

Living out of a carry-on duffel/backpack has already been both awesome and challenging. It’s awesome to be able to carry my stuff easily with me, but challenging to be super strategic when I pack up every morning. I guess it’s like a game of Tetris whenever I have to go to a new place.

Hostel life is… interesting. I have stayed in three so far and they’ve all had their fair share of funny moments. From a guy banging on my door for 30 minutes to “come out and play” and making friends with Finns, to the stories of an old, angry Scot working the night-shift, to my window being above a karaoke bar and a roommate demonically snoring like Little Nicky, I sure have had some laughs and some quivers. It’s a bit exhausting moving from place to place and living out of a suitcase but that’s what I signed up for; I think I’ll get more used to it soon. I must say, it was wonderful to get to stay in a real home for a few days in Paris. I’m so much more grateful for nice beds and big bathrooms and walking around space now. Thanks Brandi, I’ll make sure I write you a TripAdvisor review soon ha ha.

It doesn’t feel like I’m so far away from my other life most of the time, and I guess that can be thanks to technology mostly. I still can’t talk to my dad without getting emotional, but I’m also used to spending an unreasonable amount of time with him talking, working and playing outside. Lucky for me I’ll see him in Barcelona in a few weeks. Silly Daddy’s girl.

That’s it for now, but more to come on things like London, Paris, what I brought, wifi hunting, fitting-in, and work life!


P.S Everyone here is named Lucy, I have to get used to that.


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