Challenged to Change

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This year has already been a whirlwind of adventure. My plan for 2014 to be the “Year of More” is really shaping up nicely, and I couldn’t be more pumped for April.


For some reason, I decided to keep an inspirational photo (one that truly spoke to me) as the background on my phone for a month at a time. With March beginning to come to a close, I started looking for my next picture today. I said goodbye to the above picture, and I realized something spectacular – IT CAME TRUE! I have been so challenged this month, but I have also changed drastically.

Yes, I am still completely struggling with my “post-college, quarter-life” crisis, but I am learning to embrace it with whatever grace I may possess.

I was challenged by everyone around me this month. Whether they were my closest friends, mentors or strangers, they all had something to speak into my life. Some challenged my work choice, others my faith. Some challenged my choice of relationships or lifestyle or the two in combination with each other. Although I was being pushed by everyone around me, I was deeply inspired; they cared about my future and my happiness. I feel so unbelievably loved by the people who continue to push me to my limits, and I don’t think I can ever thank them enough.

Alas! Here are 8 revelations of 2014 thus far… 

  • Life is about the little things: Life isn’t just about the big trips and milestones, it is about that great cup of coffee, and the sunshine on your face. The moment I truly understood this was a mid-morning in the trees of Northstar. I got up early so I could ski before heading down the mountain to work. While listening (somewhat ironically) to London Grammar’s ” Wasting my Young Years” I skied fresh powder lines in the trees by myself. It was absolutely magical, yet it was just a typical Thursday. We all know it is important to cherish the little moments, but make sure you write them down; it’s easy to forget those things when times get tough and we want more than we’ve got. 
  • Think twice before throwing a party: Yep that’s about it. Parties are fun… if you aren’t the host and people actually show up. Don’t be THAT vulnerable.
  • Do something nice for someone different every day: It is not a lie when experts tell us that we can become happier by focusing on the happiness of others. By keeping an eye out all the time for something that a friend would appreciate, I have shifted my focus from on myself to the world around me. When I hear things now, I think of people who want to know what I’m listening to. What I see and experience isn’t meant for me only but rather for me to share. Let us begin to share the love of our daily lives and exposures with the people we care to see grow.
  • We are all lost: No one truly, in the core of their soul, understands his or her purpose completely, yet some of us are enjoying being lost in the right direction. Appreciate where others are in life for we can not understand until we are there one day too. And even if we have experienced the same story as another, they have read and interpreted it differently; be patient with them.
  • Love is shown in many ways that you might not expect:  Many have heard of The Five Love Languages, but may not know how to use it on those that they love. It’s hard enough to decipher which one fits you, how are you supposed to know what your friends, family, mentors, lovers need? This is a difficult realization for me, because it has become a “Boomerang” – the realization came back to me with more questions and concerns than I started with!
  • Even though I believe I’m an adult, the world does not agree: To so many people, I am that young, naive college graduate who still doesn’t understand how the world works and what i’m “in for”. They think that there is so much time. “So much time” to figure out my career, “So much time” before I should settle down. “So much time” until I am somewhat put together and figured out. THERE IS NO TIME PEOPLE. Why does nobody understand? Life is so incredibly short, and we spend so much of it telling others that there is more time than there is. 
  • Relationships are weird: Whether it is family or friends or boys… every relationship has a similar foundation. They come and go, like the seasons of the year – the difference is, you never know what season is next. We can hope to become the best versions of ourselves and be the best of friends to others, but it isn’t only what we do that determines a relationship. Some are based on clubs, status, accessibility, familiarity, charity… list goes on. Try to remain your best self along with caring for others on a daily basis. You will still lose many friends, but growth is a funny thing that way.
  • Make sure to say “Good Morning” to the honey bees:  This really sums up the year. I was staying with one of my mentor’s recently. One morning we decided to drink our tea on her back patio. There was an incredible cherry-blossom tree that was beginning to bloom, but that was all I saw it as. Paulette’s face lit up as she said, “Listen, do you hear them buzzing?” The tree was filled with honey-bees working their magic. They were too busy to notice us, but Paulette gently started singing “Good Morning” to the working bees. My heart completely melted and I realized that I hadn’t been giving enough gratitude to the world. Remember to respect what is around you living or not, and appreciate the little things 🙂

One thought on “Challenged to Change

  1. Absolutely LOVE this!!!! especially about what you said about just appreciating where you are in the moment, “being lost in the right direction.” For the first time, yesterday, it hit me like a baseball bat that I have NO IDEA what my future will bring or even what I want it to bring haha BUT while I was sitting at Chic-fil-A with my mom yesterday, I realized that I could honestly say, no matter what happens, whether law school comes, whether a foreign job, whether whatever, I know without a doubt in my mind that God already has a plan for me and I am absolutely at peace and seeking for HIS will to reign in my life 🙂

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