Back in the Saddle! Fitting for this West Coast girl?



Hello you beautiful people 🙂 

It’s officially my delayed start to this new year! March 1st seems like a good date to really start things strong this year, right? 
January and February have been incredible months of growth and renewal; I am so grateful for the people around me that continue to challenge me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

This blog will now also be going through a time of growth and renewal. Since I am no longer in University, I want to shift the focus of the blog to be on things that I am working on currently and super passionate about. 

– Health 

– Wealth 

– Happiness 

– Leadership 

Also, I have declared 2014 the Year of MORE! So here are some more things I will be focusing on in the renewed blog 🙂 

– More FUN!

– More Fitness!

– More Finances!

– More Focus! 

– More Freedom!


I can’t wait to push myself, so keep me accountable guys! Get ready for lots of cool information on the previously listed topics! 

I still want to be very close to the original mission of the blog, but I won’t be only based in the Reno-Tahoe area anymore 🙂 This girl is a jet setter now ❤ 

Lots of love on this wonderful Tuesday! 




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