Weekend Link Roundup 5/10-5/12

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Last year's cook-off. This year will be even bigger!

Last year’s cook-off. This year will be even bigger!

  • The Virginia City Chili Cook-off, Chili on the Comstock is this weekend! The whole main street is closed and tents of chili vendors fill the the space. This event acts as the kickoff to summer in Virginia City. The air will be warm and filled with the smell of chili spices. It is ALSO the Inaugural Fireball crawl. Yes you read that correctly, Virginia city is hosting a crawl for the famous cinnamon whiskey. The chili and fireball are all available from 10am Saturday to 4pm on Sunday! 
  • Justin is climbing the ranks! My friend will be HOSTING tonight’s comedy show at Reno Tahoe Underground. Show starts at 7!
  • It is the last weekend before graduation so brace yourself for things to get super busy! Enjoy this weekend as a more laid back one, because everyone is (or should be) studying for finals right now instead of partying.
  • The Crystal Bay Club will be hosting the Head for the Hills concert on Saturday! This is a free show but is 21+. Head for the Hills is a small band with a very folky sound.
  • The Shins will be performing at Mont Bleu in South Lake Tahoe this Saturday. Doors open at 8pm. I won’t be attending this event because I was super disappointed with the Shins’ performance last year in Reno. The opening act, Gardens and Villa, was more fun to watch and the band actually respected the audience. The Shins just played their music and ignored everyone; I was so sad and I won’t go to another concert of theirs.
  • Mother’s Day festivities! Check out this post to learn more about what to do with your amazing mother this weekend.

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