Virginia City’s restaurants offer history while you eat.

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Virginia City's Main Street

Virginia City’s Main Street

Virginia City has a reputation of having tons of candy, fudge, ice-cream type stores. It is true, and they are absolutely delicious, but the town offers more than just that. It is never a bad time for fudge, but sometimes a real meal sounds more appealing. Here are some of the best eats, in my opinion, on the Comstock.

Café Del Rio – Virginia City got lucky when this Tex-Mex style restaurant came to the little town. Hands down, the BEST fish tacos I’ve ever had are served here. Yes, it is hard to believe because Virginia City isn’t quite the fishing town, but you must go and try them. Del Rio also has a house salad with dressing unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before. When you are done with your meal, stick around and play a board game while you share a chocolate Crème Brule’. Summer days at the restaurant are like a mini-vacation; the windows will be open, the warm breeze flowing through the building, the ringing of the train in the background, the feeling of being slightly too full – it’s all so great.

Red Dog Saloon – Like I mentioned before this place has the best pizza and wings in town. Granted, there aren’t really any other places that offer pizza and wings, but the Red Dog’s are really up to snuff. The also make interesting things like southwestern and Asian eggrolls, which sell very quickly, so they must be good.

Red’s Old Fashioned Candies (Deli section in back). The candy, ice-cream, fudge, and other sweet stuff is great at Red’s, don’t get me wrong, but the deli hidden in the back of the store is the true hidden gem. At the deli they have typical hotdogs and pretzels, but the sandwiches are incredible. This is my favorite place to go in Virginia City to get a cold sub. The atmosphere is just like a typical deli, but you can people watch the candy section and look out onto the boardwalk to see all the hustle and bustle the little town has to offer, while you are eating.

Virginia City Beef Jerky Company. Towards the very south of town, a little yellow house offers an array of barbeque and jerky. The Virginia City Beef Jerky Company has some very tasty pulled pork sandwiches and the outdoor seating area is awesome on a summer day. It is so hard to walk by this place when they are cooking meat up and not go in!

Virginia City has a policy not to allow any franchises to operate in the town. This means that all business in Virginia City is local business and needs our support! Next time you are looking for a day trip, try driving up to the historic little tourist-trap and enjoy some great food and local vibes!


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