How Do You Measure how “Local” a City is?

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Reno Skyline - Creative Commons

Reno Skyline – Creative Commons

What is the best “locally centered” city you have been to?

How do you measure it? What matters to you when thinking of how “local” a city is when functioning? Does locally grown food matter to you more than if the local small business environment is healthy?

For me personally, I’d like to live in a city with a strong community of independent business; a place where small businesses promote each other and can give back to the community somehow. Honestly, Reno is a great place for what I want. The business networking community is incredible in Reno, and everyone I have met at networking events is working to support another person’s business, not just their own.

Below are some articles that list different “Bests” of cities around the country.

Best Cities for Independent Business

Best Cities for Locally Grown Produce

Best Music Cities

20 Cities with Hottest Indie Venues

What else matters to you? What draws you to certain cities? I am so interested in this and want your feedback! Could it be local art, festivals, history?

Reno has a little bit of all the previous articles, but it doesn’t seem like enough for the “Biggest Little City” to be published in any articles quite yet. At the Reno-Tahoe Word Camp, Hillary Schieve gave the morning keynote presentation on Saturday and discussed some incredible initiatives going on in Reno to rebrand the city and make it the best it can be. Reno is starting to develop a competitive edge, by being ahead of the upcoming trends. Hillary stressed that technology needs to be grabbed onto intensely for things to start changing in Reno. We need to stay ahead of the game and hook trends of the future before they spread to other cities. Do you think it’s possible?

Which “Best” category would you like to see Reno listed under? 

Yours Locally,

Lucy Hunt


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