Local markets or big box stores – What type of value matters?

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Does Quality over Quantity apply to you?

Just to give you all an update, I am still juicing, but I am not fasting on juice anymore. I have incorportated food back into my diet, but I am trying to stay as raw or vegan as possible, since processed foods and meats don’t like my body right now (I guess that is a good thing, though!).

I constantly stress that buying local is important, but I also understand, myself, how hard it can be sometimes to afford local goods. 

On Sunday, I went to the Great Basin Food Co-op, a wonderful place I have been a member of since 2010, to treat myself to some really good produce. Quality stuff.

I had a great time picking up organic fruits and vegetables, especially the local ones, and it was pleasant knowing that the co-op produce was better than the food I was getting at Winco. Buying locally grown produce from a locally owned store made me really feel like a local. The people in the co-op are always so nice and helpful, and want to make you a returning local. 

There were some specific differences I saw in prices when I was at the co-op. Cucumbers at Winco are only about $0.50, while at the co-op, they were almost $1.50. One cucumber cost three times as much because it was local. That is hard for many people to afford, including me. 

I think it is still extremely important to support local business, and to put locally grown produce in your body. BUT, it is acceptable to make purchasing the quality stuff more like a treat if primarily buying it isn’t quite in your budget. 

When I start to fall of the healthy bandwagon, I am going to go to the co-op and buy some high quality food to make me want to stay on track. You can do it too! 


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