Do You Care About Your City?

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The Reno City Council meets regularly, but I have never been. Have you? 

  • Here are the members who represent you every meeting. Have you ever seen one of these people in the grocery store?
  • Did you know that you can watch city council meetings online too? Would you “attend” if you could watch in your pajamas?

I really want some input on this, because I don’t even know the answer myself. Why don’t some people care to go to their city council meetings? Is it because they don’t care about the topics, or don’t know they can attend meetings, or don’t think their opinion will matter? Is it something else entirely? What do you think?

There are plenty of groups and individuals who consistently participate in city council meetings, like the Great Basin Food Co-op for example, but they care about specific issues. Would you go if you knew and were passionate about what issues were going to be discussed? The Food co-op sends emails and flyers to its members to remind them to have a presence at city council meetings that are important for local agriculture and sustainability. I received many emails regarding an issue that dealth with land that UNR owns. The land is used for agriculture and Wolf Pack Meats, which offers the only USDA meat facility in northern Nevada; if this facility ceases to exist, northern Nevada won’t have a meat facility in its local food shed.

To continue your city council education, annother great reference to meetings and topics is on the This is Reno site. This website explains what happened at different city council meetings and what to expect in the future.

I hope to check out a meeting soon, since it is extremely important to be involved in local government to have a community presence!

Yours Locally,

Lucy Hunt


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