Relay for Life Lacking in Reno

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Last Friday, I went to Relay for Life event held at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Mackay Stadium. I have only been one other time, and it was basically the same exact event. I do support the Relay for Life platform, but I was disappointed with aspects of the event.

I don’t really understand the purpose of the event in the way that the University holds it. Why are people walking at all if the actual walking isn’t part of the fundraiser. I’ve heard that other Relay for Life events act like the March of Dimes, and participants fundraise for the amount of laps they do. I felt like I was walking just to walk in a circle with my friends. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything significant.

It is an event with a great purpose, but I do have some strong opinions

  • They wanted to raise $40,000, but they actually raised approximately $27,000. This is still a huge feat and will contribute greatly to the cause, but there could have been so much more done to promote the event.
  • It is held at the University, which means that the event is mostly attended by college students. I think that more of the commuity should be involved, and they should mesh together. It isn’t often that students and the local community come together for a common goal, but this wold be an amazing one.
  • The “vendors” on the side of the track were selling things like ice-cream sundaes and smore’s. I really don’t understand how an event centered around cancer and well-being can include so many things that are bad for your health. Nutrition is one of the first steps to the prevention of disease, so why are people selling junk food at a Relay for Life event?

I do have positive comments too though!  

  • The Zumba sessions that were put on really punched things up and got the crowd motivated.
  • I really appreciated how much the Relay committee tried to engage the audience in different activities throughout the night.
  • It was a wonderful time to connect with other students and hear their stories about how cancer has affected them somehow (whether they were affected personally or through their friends and families).

Keep it up Relay for Life! The University of Nevada committee for the Relay has so much potential and is doing a great job, even though I have some criticisms.

Yours locally,

Lucy Hunt


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