Virginia City and drinking – a lovely duo.

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Virginia City at Night

Virginia City at Night

Virginia City is not missing out on places to drink. Some would say the town has its priorities straight. It may take a few drinks to get used to the culture shock, for the Virginia City bar scene is not going to be like your average night out in Reno, but you will soon feel like you are in the movie “Midnight in Paris.” Following suit of the movie’s plot, you will be whisked away to a different time, leaving all your previous worries and anxieties of the future back at home. Just be careful, it’s a higher elevation so you won’t need to drink as much!

Everyone has different tastes, but my choice bars cater to my particular tastes that include a laid back atmosphere and options for entertainment. A signature drink doesn’t hurt either. Here are some personal favorites.

  • Ah, the Red Dog Saloon. Some would say I grew up in this bar. I can remember running around playing hide ‘n seek there. When I was younger, the building was laid out differently and had separate restaurant and bar areas; now it is much more open and includes a better stage and dance area. The Red Dog has always had the best pizza and wings in town. Since I’ve grown up, I have shifted from participating in hide ‘n seek to dancing to karaoke rock stars with a “Corona-Rita” in my hand. A “Corona-Rita” is spelled like it sounds; corona beer turned upside down into a margarita (talk about getting into those cowboy roots).
  • Bucket of Blood Saloon – the true west of Virginia City. This is place you really want to have your Wranglers on in. The Bucket of Blood has a long, majestic bar, and a huge window that overlooks 6-Mile Canyon… and more than 100 miles after that! The “Bucket” is not lacking on entertainment. The Comstock cowboys could almost call the Bucket their home they play there so often. I can remember more times than not, hearing honky-tonk on the piano in the bar when I walked by as a kid. The saloon receives recognition all over the place too! I was once in Acadia National Park, Maine when I saw a Bucket of Blood t-shirt on a big husky guy. I was excited, but not surprised.
  • Washoe Club – The local songbird scene. Many people don’t realize that above the boardwalk of Virginia City, people are at home. My friend, Savana, used to live above a moccasin store when we were young and the Washoe Club was only three doors down the road. I can remember a time when we were sleeping on the balcony at Savana’s house, one summer night and I stayed up listening to the music coming from the Washoe Club. An “Angel is a Centerfold” cover was sung by the guy whose day job was the town handy man (he was at our house a lot growing up). Little did I know his other life, so exciting.

Virginia City has more options for bars, which I will highlight another time, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you today. Next time you have an open weekend, want to do something new, but don’t want to go too far, definitely check out what Virginia City has to offer. It’s more than a western-historic-mining-tacky-tourist-trap

Yours locally,

Lucy Hunt


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