Juice Fasting – Goodbye Reno Restaurants?

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Hi All,

I just want to give you an update on something personal I am doing that could affect my posts on local Reno restaurants for the time being. I have started a Juice Fast! I am on day three, since starting on April Fool’s Day seemed like the best idea apparently.  Right now, the plan is to juice for a whopping 30 days; this means that I will be missing out on all the incredible foods local Reno has to offer for the month of April.

Although I am really bummed about this, it is only for a month, and it is something I desperately need to do for myself (physically AND mentally).

Reboot with Joe's Recipe

Reboot with Joe’s Recipe
Creative commons – Google Images

Just to get it all out, some personal concerns of mine include the following:

  • I live in a sorority house with 38 other women. We have a chef. I am going to be surrounded by food and can’t have any of it, so being in my house will be a little difficult.
  • Alcohol – a lot of events are coming up in the next 30 days that would usually entail heavy amounts of drinking, but I won’t be able to participate in the festivities. This is probably a benefit, but it will be a difficult adjustment.
  • I am not allowed to chew gum! If anyone knows me they know I always have chewing gum on me and I love to give it away. It’s a nice, cheap way to put a smile on someone’s face. The gum activates enzymes to prepare for digestion of food, but I am not eating solid food, so my stomach and body would be very confused if I continued to chew gum.
  • The social aspect of eating is the best part and I will be missing out on this for a long time. No more lunch dates with girlfriends or coffee dates with old friends. I can still go out and see them, but it isn’t the same when everyone shares and discusses food… solid food.
  • Caffeine withdrawals have already set in. I know this will disappear in the next few days, but right now it is unbearable. I could drink a whole pot of coffee to myself in one sitting. Ah!

Something that makes me feel better is the fact that other juicers feel the same way! We all have our doubts and fears, yet victory is in sight.

Joe Donatelli discusses the 5 Steps of a Juice Fast on Livestrong.
Stage 1- Optimism

Stage 2 – Hunger (“Extreme Hunger,” to be exact)

Stage 3- Uprising

Stage 4 -Doubt

Stage 5- Triumph

Enjoying the Rainbow - Soon to be in a Cup

Enjoying the Rainbow – Soon to be in a Cup
Creative Commons – Google Images

Anyways, Back to Reno. As I, Lucy Hunt, begin this adventure, I will not forget about the Reno community and all it has to offer. I will just be forced to experience other aspects of the Reno – Sparks – Tahoe area than just the local food and restaurants. I am going to highlight food co-ops and local farms and local businesses centered around health! I will be outside more often, and will be more open-minded. I’m confident I will have just as much to offer this blog. I love food, but this experience will help me see food in a different light, which is something I deeply need.


4 thoughts on “Juice Fasting – Goodbye Reno Restaurants?

  1. Glad I found another person doing a fast, it makes me feel a little bit less alone. Today is day #1 🙂 Im also feeling the caffeine withdrawal..bummer..

    1. I hope it’s still going well! I hit a wall around day 10, and have been including a little bit of raw/vegan food into my diet, but I want to primarily Juice! The caffeine withdrawals will go away I promise! I mostly just miss the idea of coffee now.

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