Walden’s Coffeehouse


Walden’s Coffeehouse is a special place. It’s a coffee shop, a cafe, a community space, a place to study, a place to reconnect. On a personal level, it is a place I can embrace creativity. How is a girl like me supposed to blog about local living at the Starbucks I live next to? I can’t.

Spicy Peach White Tea

Spicy Peach White Tea

“They make a mean coffee” says my roommate. I wouldn’t know, I prefer to get the tea at Walden’s, but I trust she knows what she is talking about. The menu at Walden’s is more than drinks. They have a full breakfast and lunch menu.

Walden’s has been around for a while. I can remember coming here for Open Mic Night, when I was in middle-school, to watch my cool cousin play guitar. This cool cousin is now a successful musician who lives in Portland, Oregon but he definitely got his start at little Walden’s.

Not only does Walden’s offer free Wi-Fi, but they have a constantly changing environment and they hold events often! Right now, Kyle Rahn‘s artwork is displayed. There is a winter feel as I sit in Walden’s right now, but the sunshine in the windows reminds me it’s now technically spring.

I suggest you muster some courage, and head over to Walden’s, rather than where you usually go, the next time you need to get some work done. You may be surprised how much this place fosters creativity.


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