PJ & Co. – The Perfect Saturday Lunch Date- Restaurant Profile


To preface this Restaurant Profile, it is not my intention to act as a Restaurant Critic. I want to share local business with readers, and give them all the information they would need and want to feel comfortable checking it out themselves.

I am learning on this journey too, so Restaurant profile formats will evolve over time with feedback.

PJ & Co. (most call it PJ’s)  

     This restaurant has something for everyone. I would want to take someone here if I was unfamiliar with their taste preferences because everything I’ve ever had there was delicious and they offer so many things. I identify this place as “The perfect Saturday lunch date” because it is a wonderful restaurant to go to after a long night, which is how my roommate and I often end up there.

One of the standouts of PJ & Co. is that the employees are incredible. They remember you, joke with you, and work hard to fit your needs. I  always feel welcome when  I walk in, regardless of if the restaurant is empty or packed.

The walls are filled with fun things and sports memorabilia. The carpeted floors and wood features make you feel comfortable there. On one side of the restaurant one can eat while gambling at the bar, and on the other side one can feel cozy and eat like he or she is at Grandma’s house. In the warmer months, they have an outdoor seating area, which makes the experience just that much better.

Why Local?

This place is more than just somewhere to shove your face; PJ & Co. is rooted in the community and wants to share an opportunity  to connect with you. The restaurant has been owned locally for over 20 years, so it has credibility of knowing what Reno is all about. I suggest that if you go to PJ & Co. you try to learn more about your server, or the history of the restaurant.

My personal Favorites:

  • Spinach Quiche Lorraine – Every time I get this melt-in-your-mouth dish, I think I actually feel bliss. Although PJ & Co. isn’t the highest-class restaurant off Wells, the food after a Friday night will rock your world.
  • Bleu Cheese Burger – Best Bleu Cheese burger in Reno (my opinion, but check it out).
  • French Fries – Fresh cut… need I say more?
  • Bloody Mary – Again, just try it (ask for it spicy).

Check out PJ & Co. for yourself:


Yelp Page!


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